Traffic Queue Detector

Observe traffic jams and queues and prevent further traffic delays by analyzing their patterns

Traffic jams nowadays are getting more and more attention not only because of the damaging impact on the environment they leave but also, particularly in more densely populated places, interrupting society’s dynamic rhythm of life. They or lack of them are, however, very disturbing in aviation and manufacturing field, too, as their appearance may cause significant delays in processes. Traffic Queue detector gives you a chance to see where a traffic jam is about to appear and take chances to prevent that from happening. Using the information for analysis allows the optimization for future - whether it is making new bypasses or regulating speed allowances, preventive measures are enabled thanks to the easily obtained data.

Real-time monitoring

Monitor the situation on roads in real-time

Data for analysis

Use the data for traffic analysis and future optimization

Time saving

Improve safety and introduce time economy for better service levels


Road management

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