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Heptasense 2.0 - meet the updates

We have all heard and most of us have even said the cliche “new year, new me” phrase, haven’t we? Heptasense, as a company and as the personalities behind it, don’t believe in New Years. We believe in constant improvements and changes defined by achievements, not numbers in calendars

Ricardo Santos

Co-founder and CEO

Dec. 12, 2019, 2:07 p.m.

So we say it’s time for Heptasense 2.0, and we are ourselves very excited about all the new things we have to offer!

Let’s dig in!

  • We have heard our potential clients worrying about security and privacy issues before. Although we can assure everyone, Heptasense is 100% GDPR proof and compliant, we kind of understand that issue from the human aspect. So we acted on it, and the first big thing we have to announce, is that now every company using Heptasense has a choice, whether to do video processing on our cloud or on local servers. If you still have any doubts about your footage’s privacy, worry no more, keep everything to yourself.

  • Thermal cameras. We’ve talked about this for a while already and always considered animal detection one of our most unique products, but it is really something amazing. You don’t have to rely on good weather, light etc. conditions or anything anymore, because the camera simply reacts to the warmth of a living being. However, we are not a camera company, we are the ones that have taken care of the software. Not only can the Heptasense-improved-camera spot the animal in general due to its thermal nature, but our software helps the security guys notice it, too, by sending an alert with a warning.

  • Speaking of warnings, that’s another new feature of ours. From now on not only you get an alert about something worth paying attention to on your dedicated dashboard, but also can choose an option to receive an e-mail to any amount of e-mail addresses. This one is particularly useful if you are a busy person and can’t always guarantee your presence at the computer screen. Rest assured, the system will let you know when the time comes to get to that.

  • Data export. How many reports have you made out of screenshots simply because the dashboard looks so good yet that’s where the information stays? Not a single one more! We are proud to introduce the data exportation feature, which means that not only can you analyse, compare and see your data online on the platform but also show it to others, be it the state (for road management) or CTO of the company, or your own notes. And it still looks pretty, too, apart from being incredibly useful.

  • To sum it up, we are very proud of Heptasense 2.0, we love the direction we are going, and we won’t stop improving. That is another perk of choosing Heptasense to optimize your security systems - it will never be stuck in one place. We believe that living in 21st century means not only unlimited opportunities but unlimited responsibility, too. Simply because everyone has the same opportunities and they will use them if you will stop becoming better for as much as a second. And we are sure that this is one of the main reasons Heptasense is really worth it - we believe in what we do and we believe in the main goal being becoming a better version of ourselves day by day, step by step. We want to give the best to our clients, and that’s what we are working for.